Raising Capital?

If you don’t differentiate, break through the market clutter, capture imagination and attention and get investors motivated about your deal capital will raise slowly – or not at all.


A Fundamental Disconnect

There is a fundamental disconnect between the way those responsible for raising capital for a company present their deals and the way they are received by investment funds, venture capital, family offices and private equity. Most of this disconnect stems from approaching the wrong investors, with the wrong deal. To make matters worse, at the crucial moment, when it’s important to be convincing, nine out of ten times they are not. Their most important deal points have a surprisingly low chance of getting through.

You need to understand why this disconnect occurs in order to fix it, overcome it, and successfully raise capital.


A Remarkable Deal Book Presented to the Right Investors

You must have a deal package that is remarkable enough to attracts investors attention – comprehensive enough and deep enough to get through financial analysis and scrutiny. If the words, images, and structure of your information do not immediately and forcefully communicate value to the investor, it will be set aside, passed off to an underling, or dropped in the recycle bin.

Your deal package must then be presented to investors that are right for your company, its stage of development and the type of offering you are making.  

A Systematic Approach to Raising Capital.

The proper execution of a capital raise is fundamental to your company’s overall strategy. No growth can truly be planned without taking into account the organization’s ability to execute a timely capital raise.

Absolute Access is a systematic approach to preparing companies to raise capital combined with investor introductions that will allow your company to raise capital in a shorter time span at a lower overall cost.

When you work with Absolute Access, investors will quickly recognize the merits of your deal; both you and the deal will be regarded with high status, the result of which is investor meetings that otherwise would not have been possible.

Meet With Investors That are Right for Your Company.


At any given time there are over 400,000 companies actively seeking capital, therefore, differentiation is a key to success.

The primary asset Absolute Access delivers comes from our long-term relationships with investors, not just any investors – the top investors in the world.

You will meet with investors that are selected specifically for your company – its industry sector, its stage of development and its deal structure.

When introduced through Absolute Access, investors will give you their attention, they will take the time to understand your company; a deep discussion is going to happen because you have been introduced by someone who is known and trusted.

ABSOLUTE ACCESS makes it possible to rapidly expand your investor base and complete financings in less time.

Execution - attracting new investors to your deal - is what we're best at.

Our relationships with the investors we will introduce you to will allow you to answer important questions before they are even asked. You will be able to anticipate the key decision points in each investors investment process, positioning your offering for early success.

Your close rate will be much higher, as investors will come into your meetings with desire rather than skepticism.



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