SHEFFORD is a private equity firm that partners with, and provides capital to, small and lower-middle market business owners to enable them to execute mergers & acquisitions strategies.

If a company’s strategy calls for growth, new market entry, or repositioning in the value chain, M&A can be the fastest means of achievement.

We partner with exceptional business owners and managers to develop and execute strategies that are consistent with their strategic vision; guiding better use of mergers & acquisitions and better performance for shareholders.

Partnering with Private Equity

IN MANY SITUATIONS a business may struggle to raise capital to finance a mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Putting the right capital structure in place for growth is not easy.  A partner like Shefford Capital Partners can craft an appropriate capital structure and arrange the necessary components to finance such strategies, and since we are putting our own capital into the transactions behind these capital structures, you can have the utmost confidence that our interests are aligned with yours.

A company’s capital sources, or what we call its “war chest,” are critical to executing an acquisition strategy.  Flexible capital partners, and a committed equity sponsor, willing to support the company’s future growth is essential.  It is much better to have access to acquisition capital before the acquisition opportunity presents itself so the company can act quickly and avoid squandering precious time trying to secure capital after the fact.


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